Why Kinderdance?


A happy child is a joy to behold. Anyone who has ever watched a child jump for joy when mommy or daddy comes home knows intuitively that small children feel their thoughts with their bodies and express their feelings with movement as well as in words. What the ordinary person may not notice is that the process is a two-way street. For young children, movement, music and dance can be natural tools for learning as well as expressing their feelings.

WHY KINDERDANCE® – 100,000s of Children Can’t be Wrong!

We are the only program that offers a combination of tap and ballet to young children, blended with academics and with special emphasis on self-confidence and self-esteem. As you may be aware, dance itself is a very strict discipline, which may, at times, demoralize a child. Here at Kinderdance, everyone goes away feel good about themselves and what they can do with their bodies.

Why Parents Choose KINDERDANCE®?

1.KINDERDANCE® is more than just a dance program. Our developmentally

designed programs builds self-confidence and self-esteem in young children. Kinderdance is a developmentally designed dance and motor development program focusing on psychomotor, cognitive and affective skills.

2.Our program is developed based on research findings and knowledge in childhood education and blends early childhood academic readiness skills into a systematic curriculum.

3.We teach the total child, thereby enhancing the emotional, social, cognitive, physical and creative development of each child.

4.The Kinderdance® method of teaching young children dance and gymnastics has been proven successful since 1979. 100,000s of Children can’t be wrong!

5. The program is structured with room built for individualisation, creativity and autonomyby creating an environment that encourages children to think, act, create, explore and share.

6. All programs are taught by certified KINDERDANCE® instructors who specialise in teaching developmentally appropriate movement activities to young children.


a.Children Learn How to Learn while they Learn How to Dance. Our programs blend academic readiness skills with movement skills that are developmentally appropriate for young children. We include educational and developmental props stir the imagination and build communication skills, general body awareness through dance, acrobatics, imagery & creativity.

b.Multiple Intelligence Method. The programs help develop dance and gross motor skills, mind/body movement creativity, fitness and body awareness. Each is taught using lesson plans and original age appropriate music and songs. Our teaching methods are in line with the multiple intelligence concept, where we programs develop the total child physically, social and emotional and also the academic and cognitive realm.

Physical Development

Bodily-Kinesthetic: To develop sensory/motor and kinesthetic awareness through the practice of fundamental dance movements.

Educational and Cognitive Development

Mathematical Logical: To learn movement patterns and sequences through dances, tempos and music rhythms.

Verbal-Linguistic: To enhance language acquisition and listening skills through movement vocabulary by connecting words with movement.

Visual-Spatial: To utilize and move within the space safely and with ease, thereby developing spatial awareness.

Musical: To promote movement and dances to music in a fun engaging manner.

Social and Emotional Development

Intrapersonal: To develop a child’s communication skills and emotional control by expressing feelings through dance and fantasy play.

Interpersonal: To enhance a child’s social skill by allowing a child to explore and to work with others through synchronized group dance.

Kinderdance Singapore and Malaysia

An Exciting Combination of Ballet, Tap, Gymnastics, Creative Movement Blended with Academics delivered in a most creative, fun and engaging way for Children 2-12!

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